Outsource Admin

Are you looking to outsource admin? Whether your business is starting out or your running a large operation all businesses have to deal with the day to day operation and admin build up.

Fortunately, there are lots of options in 2020 and solutions that give businesses the flexibility when it comes to outsourcing admin. A lot of businesses are turning to remote admin staff who can automate recurring tasks, issue quotes through online CRM systems, conduct online marketing, schedule social media and blog posts, invoice and follow up with customers. These are just a few tasks that can be performed remotely, a more extensive list and be found here.

Businesses can hire on demand remote admin staff or have a dedicated remote admin who works a set amount of hours a month depending on their needs. This way of working can save businesses time and money and help them move forward and their businesses to grow.  

Another reason for outsourcing administrative work is that you set tasks that need to be completed in a certain time frame and the job gets completed. Remote admins don’t get distracted by office politics and called into unnecessary meetings they can just get the job done.

In the U.S., a 2015 survey done by Pew Research Center noted that 72 percent of people have used some type of shared or on-demand online service. Some four percent have hired someone online to do an errand or task. The world is ever changing and with new technologies constantly evolving businesses need to stay fresh, by outsourcing certain tasks they can gain new ideas and new ways of thinking it can also dramatically deduce a businesses bottom line when it comes to the staff bill as businesses can hire for what they need.

For example, 20 hours of online marketing a week via one admin and 20 hours of book keeping a week from another admin which is still less than most full time employees.

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