How to work with Easy Admin and your virtual assistant in 2020

Remote work is the latest trend in the business world, This article is designed to show you How to work with Easy Admin and your virtual assistant in 2020. Technology has allowed teams to form, grow and flourish without the necessity of being able to walk next door to hand over paperwork. However, working with Easy Admin can sound challenging. Easy Admin presents 5 handy tips that can boost your collaboration with your remote team.

How to work with Easy Admin and your virtual assistant in 2020:

1. Train and delegate– With any new employee an initial training session must be performed. This will allow your Easy Admin to learn your company’s internal processes as well to adjust to your own personnel working style. Trainings can be performed using collaboration tools such as Zoom or Skype call and recorded for future reference so they will never ask the same question twice. Next step is to set some tasks aside and delegate. Letting go of work can be extremely difficult however you will quickly notice your additional free time to focus on your core tasks.

2. Frequent Discussion – Host weekly one-on-one calls to proactively discuss upcoming tasks, answer questions, and provide feedback to continue to adapt your Easy Admin to your working style. Further, think about bi-weekly or monthly all calls with everybody on your remote team to align everyone is the company’s focus and direction.

3. Use Collaboration Tools – Not being able to call your team to the conference room on Monday morning seems like a major drawback to working with a remote team. However, it couldn’t be easier to collaborate with a remote team using tools such as Skype, Zoom, or Slack which allows your to effectively meet with your team or even give presentations. They can be extremely effective way to organize your meeting timing, agendas, and even prevent disruptions.

4. Document details – Ensure to document everything. Perhaps utilizing a cooperative project management platform like Dropbox or Google drive. This will create a clear archive of documentation and communication related to each project that everybody can easily reference. It will also help to keep all your emails, documents, images and other files organized in a single location, ensuring synced communication for your entire team.

5. Be comprehensive – When assigning it’s important to comprehensively describe the expectations, timeline and expected deliverables. This does not need to be done for each task but could be defined for each type of task in an initial training session. This will ensure all tasks are completed to your expected standard and there is no miscommunication between you and your Easy Admin.

With these tips you and your Easy Admin can work together in unleashing your company’s full potential and fostering limitless grow and success!

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