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Welcome To Easy Admin

We provide remote admins tailored to your required skill set to preform your day to day tasks.

Ever wish there were 2 of you?

Use Easy Admin to delegate your tasks and instantly free up your time so you can focus on what really matters.

Our goal is to make your life easier and your business grow. Let us know where you spend your time and we will assign an experienced admin in that field to assist you. We take care of the hassle of interviewing and selecting the correct employee so you can enjoy the benefits of working with them. We will assign an account manager to ensure quality work is performed. If our admin is not perfect for you or the work scope changes, we can swap your admin with no extra cost. No contract, no cancellation fees and no risks.

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How it Works

In 3 Easy steps you can start seeing your work disappear.


Describe your required work

Let us know what specific tasks you would like to delegate to your admin so we can select the correct person perfect for you.


Meet your account manager

We will perform a free onboarding call where you can meet your account manager and show the work needed to be performed. We can record the session and train your admin so you don’t have to.


Start delegating

We will carefully select and train your admin. Put a list of tasks together and start delegating your tasks.



Specialised Procurement



Frequently Asked Questions

You can communicate via phone, Skype, Email, WhatsApp or any other teleconferencing tools you choose to use.

Your admin will be able to assist you in completing your mundane tasks that can distract you from your core tasks that will grow your business. Examples of how your admin can assist you are invoicing, email cleanup/followup, lead generation, research, travel booking, and social media update.  Click services if you would like to see more details.

First you will meet with the EasyAdmin team to carefully map your required skill sets. Then a suitable candidate will be selected based on their experience and expertise. We offered both specialised admins or admins that can handle a variety of general tasks.

That’s great! Often our clients benefit from having several specialised personnel. We offer discounted rates for teams. Just contact us to develop plan specific for you, so you have the right team members for the right number of hours.

Typically, your admin is available for your work from 9 am to 5 pm UK time, Monday to Friday however we are here to support your business needs and custom hours can be discussed.

Of course, every employee is not one size fits all. If your admin is not perfect, we can assign a new admin right away at no cost to you. This is one of our greatest benefits.

Privacy and security of our clients is our #1 priority. We ensure 100% security of your data as data protection is our primary aim.

Select a plan depending on the number of hours required. There is no commitment, you can adjust the number of hours at any time to suit your workload. We accept direct deposit into our corporate account or secure payment through paypal.

In the unfortunate event that this service is not what you require just contact your account manager and we can process your request. There is no cancellation period and no charges for stopping this service.

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